The Little Guy Finally Wins

So you may have remembered in a previous post that one of my videos was taken down without a legitimate reason. Well guess what? They’ve finally backed down and have restored my video. Since the video involved my now ‘closed’ account it didn’t actually matter to my current account but it is all about the principle which I was all too ready to stand up for.

I do realise there hasn’t been any activity on the website as of recent but there really hasn’t been any interesting or worthwhile news to report about. I don’t really have a lot of time during the next 2 weeks to do a detailed editorial on something either but don’t worry awesomeness is coming soon!


StarCraft 2 Mod Thoughts + Temporary Hiatus

Blizzard have been working on a few custom mods for StarCraft 2 which have been unveiled during Blizzcon 2010. All of these maps will be self contained (aka you can play them like any other custom map) and I’ll briefly explain each one and give my thoughts on them.  Continue reading

Call of Duty: Black Ops Beta Leaked Download and Footage

Before you jump on the ‘ZOMG FAKE/GIVE ME” wagon there is a little bit of context that needs to be explained. Although there are some circumstances which do suggest this is legitimate and not to mention there is some footage.

Continue reading