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About shane3x:

I originally started a YouTube channel for Modern Warfare 2 at the end of 2009. I wanted to provide an alternate viewpoint with practical strategies that were different from the many others that were very similar and didn’t really provide help which benefited everyone. Over time as my channel slowly started growing I also started to turn my attention onto other games I enjoyed also and expanded on the original concept of the channel to include more games. This eventually lead to the creation of My Gamers™. When I was younger I was Nintendo (With the exception of the Sega MegaDrive). N64, GCN, GBA and DS (still play DS) all of which have provided countless hours of entertainment. I started playing PC games at around the age of 12. I am currently studying at University and enjoying life. I hope to continue to improve on my channel and My Gamers™ to be the best it can be.

About Final❤Battle  Romance:

Final Battle Romance is the mascot for My Gamers™. His story will be featured in a self titled manga.