We are currently looking people to post  Console (PS3/Wii/Xbox 360/DS) and PC gaming news.

Applicants must:

  • Be able to speak/write English fluently
  • Be able to detail previous experience or provide a resume if any
  • Write ‘professionally’ to an acceptable level
  • Actively Publish up-to-date posts

Prospective applicants will be accepted on a trial basis before a decision is reached. If you are interested please contact me.

Link/Blogroll Exchange


If you would like to participate in a link/blogroll exchange with my site please contact me and provide your site’s name, URL and optionally a one sentence description.

There are no specific guidelines or conditions on what sites are accepted. In saying this, not all sites are going to be suitable and this decision will be up to my discretion. As long as my site stays on your site, yours will stay on mine. My link on your site must be on your home page and in a position relative to where your link is on my site (Exceptions to these conditions will be up to my discretion).

If your site address changes it’s up to you to contact me so I can update accordingly. Also if you are temporarily removing my link from your site for whatever reason you need to let me know in advance because otherwise your link may be mistakenly removed from my site during  a routine check.

Your site will be placed in alphabetical order, so please do not ask for specific spot on the list for your site to be placed.

In the future I may decide to include small images as part of the exchange.


If you are an individual or a representative from a company/group and wish to provide shane3x.com with Prizes for a sponsored post then please contact me for more details.

While we specialise in gaming related prizes (such as Closed Beta Keys and Item Gift Packs) there are no specific limitations on what sort of prizes you are wish to provide within reason.

Sponsored Posts

Coming Soon

Become a Content Partner

We are currently accepting applications for any^ YouTube channels to be placed in our Content Partners section on our channel providing you have an equal or higher amount of video views and/or subscribers*. Please apply here.

*Our previous channel had over 1200 subscribers, 379000 video views and 27500 channel views. We will review applications based on our current channels statistics however.

^We may reject certain applications  for any reason but major reasons including similar content and appropriateness.


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