Why My Gamers™

Outside the box is a world of possibility

We aren’t like everyone else and neither are you. We offer you a unique and practical perspective and a community to engage with deeper level of insight. We want you to feel inspired again.

Stand Out! One size does not fit all

We do not cater to the masses. We cater to you. We recognise every is different and has different needs. So when you participate and communicate with us we have your best interest in mind.


Delivering substance with style!

My Gamers™ provides you with the most up to date and quality gaming news, guides, discussions, multiplayer, gameplay, commentary and a lot more.


Move forward with innovation and creativity

We are always looking to work together with you to open new doors. Whether you are an individual or part of a group or network we offer you a wide range of diverse opportunities to suit your circumstances and requirements.


Here is a very small sample of what others have said about our previous work:

“Your videos are so freaking awesome.” – NavySEAL1942

“it’s nice to know that you care about your subscribers! Keep on making great videos! :D” – MartinJohnPearson

“Your guides are great, they really helped me out! Keep up the good work man!” – Caarlosgs

“you do a good job, I don’t know why not more people pay attention for your guides ;)” – MrMirco1992

“this channel is great–going to tell my mates about it!” – MeddlerTV

“…your the X-Play of amateur game reviews” – Boomer2454

“apply for a partnership” - Shinyapplz

“Hey, nice gaming channel. I like what I see, so better keep it up! :P” – SouthParkKid87

“wow!! you are the best!!” – 373ashley327

“nice channel” – backyardproduction2 [A YouTube Partner]

“Wow awesome channel! And you’re australian? Heck yeah!” – AppChat [A YouTube Partner]

I would like to personally thank you for taking a little bit of time out of your today get to know us. Please feel free to get involved and explore the rest of what My Gamers™ has to offer. Don’t be afraid to talk to me either.



PS – I know this is a bit unexpected but please accept a free gift of your choice, it’s on us.



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